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16. Februar 2015, Frankfurter Flughafen, Terminal 1

Einhundertsiebenundzwanzigste Montagsdemo

Fastnacht im Terminal

Lewis from London alias Jochen Krauss

Well, good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome to the 1 hundred and 27 th Monday Demonstration after the opening of the new runway.

My name is Lewis from London and I will see you through this show tonight.

Where ever I've been in Europe , people always speak with great respect of the so called “Frankfurt Protests”. You, all of you, you are the example for all activists in other countries, who try to fight aircraft expansions.

In honour of your endurance, which means “Ausdauer” in your language, we've written a new song. It's called “Monday Demonstration”, and the tune is a popular German song, called “The small Pub”.

Now, I really wonder, I'd rather prefer a “Large Pub”, but anyway, we want you to sing the chorus with us.

Anja K., Ladies and Gentlemen, for the last 3 years she has been the voice of this protest. As I told you, I just flew in from London this afternoon, and I did not fly with Lufthansa, no, I came with our private airline “Silent Wings”. A private airline has a private pilot, and I'd like you to meet my private pilot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from the Frankfurt – Eastend, called “ Offenbach ”, please welcome my friend “Hans Ham”.

Fastnachts - Rede von Hans Schinke

The round tour through the Terminal will be without any loudspeakers today, so maybe we try singing this popular song: Fraport, die Landebahn muss weg

Well, this was a very fine Monday Demonstration on this special Rose-Monday in the year of the Lord 2015. Please, come back next week !
No, please come back every week !!
Fraport hates you for being here, and they hate you even more for coming back.

We have one more song before we go, it's called “Breathless” by the German singer “Helene Fischer”. As we are the “Fisherman's Friends”, we sing this for you.

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Bündnis der Bürgerinitiativen
Kein Flughafenausbau - Für ein Nachtflugverbot von 22 - 06 Uhr